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Why do beautiful Russian brides decide marrying foreigner?

Don't listen to suspicious people. Don't believe media are telling lies about girls who use marriage as their way to the US. Pretty women in Russia decide marrying man from another country because they cannot find an honest and good looking man in their country.


Official statistics reveals an overwhelming discrepancy between the male and female population in the country: if we look at Russians having their age of marriage, the number of women exceeds the number of men. Men have no incentives of developing their character, becoming more attractive to women. They start drinking earlier so this habit ruins their families from the inside (even if it is created). The divorce rate in the country is huge, and the primary reason is irresponsible and infant behavior of men.


Some women prefer accepting what they have in home country; they marry a lazy and drunken man who doesn't even want to earn money for the family. Gorgeous girls recognize that they don't want to have such a horrible family that is why they like marrying a guy like you. Yes, western man, who is hard-working, ambitious, who values her like a woman, but not like a maidservant or cooker. An American man earning a modest salary and with whom they are feeling safe. Are you of that kind of men? If yes, feel free, enjoying the place where single Slavic brides are waiting for you.

How to get a Russian bride?

Americans and British people are often astonished by the natural beauty of women from Russia, but they don't know any ways of meeting with them. However, long distances are never an obstacle for love. Men shouldn't travel to find a bride from Russia there; you'd better use other ways of doing it:

  1. Find a bride using dating web-site where he may communicate with her, speak on interesting topics, finding out, does she worth being his wife or not: it will be much easier if he uses translator services;

  2. Meet girls from Russia through organized trips where managers have already gathered women who were agile in finding their spouses (if he wants coming to Russia and having personal meeting);

  3. Find a woman from Russia through Facebook chatting with her (if her English is poor, communicating without any translators will be more complicated, also consider that you live in different time zones).


The two following solutions are riskier than the first one so if a man doesn't want being cheated or wasting your money – the former one is much safer. However, communicating can be harmful if you don't know rules of Russian brides dating.

What man shouldn't do on Russian brides dating

There are five most horrible mistakes foreigners make while speaking with brides from Russia. They are:

  1. Make a strong emphasis on wealth and money: even if men are astonishingly rich – they don't start talking about money in your pocket. This way they will attract only women who are interested from benefitting from your divorce having gorgeous ailments or even yummy part of your estate. The true wife should love man, not volume of his pocket;

  2. Pay for her ticket for a meeting in the USA: if any woman asks a foreigner for sending money, it is probably not the woman he should marry. A woman who wants to send money for a ticket is 90% willing to quit as soon as he sends her anything. Better save your money on your ticket to Russia and not get cheated;

  3. Not paying attention to her motivation and interests: the most valuable quality which womans from Moscow prefers in any man is his attention and empathy. If man cannot remember her favorite book or even doesn't ask about that, even the Russian bride's agency cannot help him;

  4. Show qualities which a man doesn't possess: Don't try being a noble knight, be yourself and don't be afraid of showing your disadvantages through Russian girls dating site. It is much better quitting before coming to Russia than in the day of meeting or after your marriage;

  5. Showing advantages of living in the US, contrasting it with horrendous living in Russia. For most women the discrepancy between living in the US and Russia is obvious, but they live their home country. If you overemphasize such differences, she may quit and leave unlucky one with the desire of finding another partner.

Where to meet and start dating with Russian brides for marriage?

If you feel like you are ready for marrying a beautiful and passionate bride from Russia, pay attention on where do you want to meet with her. Those who want to find beautiful Russian brides for marriage and build a happy family chooses, it may be your chance too. Here they can find a range of activities which will support them from starting a chat with your beloved to arranging your meeting and providing various gifts which will surprise her and express your attention.

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