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Hot Ukrainian girl - 8 ways to communicate

  1. When you meet a Hot Ukrainian girl for the first time in real life, bring with you something that will help start a conversation, something interesting and unusual. Some examples of things to help you become acquainted are; a book with a provocative title, colorful charm and so on.


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  3. Exchange business cards. If you leave your business card, you show that you have enjoyed the fellowship and would like to continue it. Share your business cards at the beginning of the meeting, so you don't become nervous and think of, "How to ask for her phone number? Asks whether it is my phone? The most opportune moment to exchange business cards can be a conversation about profession. When a pretty girl says, what, will be timely to ask: "Have you, by chance, no business cards?" Also, you can give your business card to the girl after you say, what you do. Leaving a hot girl your card will be a way to win her trust and show her you have a profession, which you won't be ashamed to talk about.


  4. Do not believe the first impression when meeting in real life. Do not make hasty conclusions about what the hot Ukrainian girl with whom you first met, that she is boring and uninteresting, or not like herself in your correspondence with her by email. Maybe she was just nervous. Give her an opportunity to show you who she really is, once again.


  5. Try to make conversation with the girl first. Starting a conversation at first is scary, especially if the girl, to which you prefer is beautiful and very pleasant to you. If she shows signs of attention towards you continuing the conversation is difficult. This is one of the paradoxes of life: the greater the likelihood that the conversation will lead to something exciting, the more constrained we feel.


  6. Try to make the girl, during the first meeting, start to trust you. A few ways to quickly gain the confidence of the girl:

    a) Give your name first, does not be afraid to give information about yourself.

    b) Find a way to let a girl know that you are single, for example, say in passing that you often dine alone.

    c) Convince her that you are safe. One of the things that excites a girl at a meeting and getting acquainted with the man is her own safety. Show the girl that you can be trusted, and then your words will not sound strained or insincere.


  7. For the first meeting learn a few good (but decent) jokes. One of the best ways to get rid of anxiety is humor. Use humor to start a conversation with a hot girl. Humor helps to attract great attention from a single girl. But avoid unnecessary chatter and questionable jokes, at least in the initial stages of dating.


  8. Walk with animals (if necessary, rent one :)). At the first meeting with the girl the presence of animals makes it easy to make contact.


  9. Dance! Most ukrainian girls like to dance. In their dreams, she often imagines herself in the center of the dance floor with an elegant man who knows how to dance salsa, waltz, rumba or samba. More Ukrainian Women Stereotypes

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