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Odessa women: distinguishing, dating, treating

The gem beside the sea is a home for the prettiest Odessa brides - they have some special in appearance. But what? We will name main appearance peculiarities of Odessa women below. Short list of "don't do" for holding a good date is also available.

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What have Odessa Ukraine Women Special in Appearance

Foreign men are getting mad about Ukrainian beautiful women from Odessa although the others are quite good in that sense too. We will try to figure out key reasons for that.


Dark hair and hazel eyes

In Southern areas men of Bulgarian, Moldavian, Albanian, Rumanian, Gagauz descent dominate. That is why Odessa Ukraine women have luxurious chestnut hair and hazel eyes as distinguished from others of northern Ukrainian regions who obtained more blondish hair and blue with grey eyes. Raven-head with rich brown hair and killing hazel eyes attract males from abroad. This kind of image that sticks to memory.


Tanned skin


Almost every Bride in Odessa have tanned skin. It is not because she is hanging at solarium but because her home city basks in warm weather all year round. Sun tan shoulders which contrast with a white blouse or dress without shoulder-straps complete local lady image. Many males prefer whitish complexion, how do you think?

Meeting Brides in Odessa: places to go

Shevchenko Central Park


There is some kind of fun fair where you both can become kids for a while. There you can play games or win token gifts, ride on machines or merry-go-round, eat cotton candy. Merry atmosphere will help you feel free while communicating, it let you have fun together. Watching the night cityscape on ferris wheel will be perfect for date ending.


Boat Tour


One more good way for outdoor activity would be a boat tour. Rent a yacht or motor boat, buy tickets for one-day cruise trip along city coast. You can arrange this in Otrada Yacht club or central passenger ship terminal. If you take a private yacht you can take some food for a dinner with nice view from water.


Excursion to White Fortress


Meeting Brides in Odessa do not mean that you can’t leave city for a day. There is an ancient location in 30 miles away. It is Akkerman Fortress in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, the historical region of Bessarabia. This cultural heritage reserve provides with unique monuments and cinematographic views, which are more than perfect for love story photo shoot session. In advance you can find a good photographer.

Dating Odessa women for marriage: tips

If you dealing with any Odessa marriage agency you will got many recommendations concerning the opportunities of dating locals – places and routs, average total bills and even addresses of best flower shops in the city. Thus you will be provided with very useful practical information, but hardly with good tips about local's food excesses or things that make them bored. Here are some of tips for dating Odessa women for marriage in Ukraine.


Restaurant is better


One can say that ladies like platonic dates – yes, they do. They would greatly prefer a cozy place with good food than a famous network of Catacombs tunnels. The world's largest underground labyrinth will be interesting for you, not for her.


No Ukrainian cuisine


In spite of locals adore national cuisine make a reservation at a place where another one is served. Girls mostly like Italian, French and others that fall into a category "Mediterranean cuisine". Many of them are steak houses lovers.


No stupid humor


The region is an ancient cradle of good lambent humor. If you have never been awarded for sparkling sense of humor don't even, try to make jokes on first date. You risk becoming not a comic but a schoolboy. Many locals say, pure Americans don't know how to joke that is why they are not funny at all.


Dear ones, now you have learned about main appearance peculiarities, tastes and habits of locals. Now you can arrange a proper dating with them. Good luck! Protection Status
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