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What you need to do to visit the woman of your choices

Brief description

We are providing you with all necessary tools to communicate with women from all over the world so we can also advise you something to get a satisfactory result of such communication. You need to make yourself sure about readiness to meet her in real life. If you are ready, you can rely on our service. Call our manager or just send a request and tell us you are willing to appoint the personal rendezvous. From this moment, we will help you to organize a trip to Russia or Ukraine. It is better to have more than one girl to meet in the foreign country. After that, if you will be convinced in your compatibility, we can provide you with all documents needed to bring your bride to your homeland.

How can you get all the direct contacts of woman you are interested in? There are two ways. The first is to have a strong correspondence. If you have 15 letters opened, and the amount of girl’s feedback is the same, you will get access to all necessary personal data such a phone number and email. You should note that only paid operations will be considered. The first letter from a girl is always free. In the case of the existence of 15 letters opened you will get her personal data up to 48 hours after a request is proceed. This is the best way to be sure she will answer your letter in the email or will respond to the phone. Another way to get her information is much more prompt. For the obtaining of her confidential information, you should send a request to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. In this case, you must pay an appropriate fee of 50 USD for each woman you are interested in. Then, the IMB entity will contact the particular girl and will try to get her information. Remember that we cannot be responsible for the 100% of the successful answer, and this fee of 50 USD is nonrefundable. Before you choose this variant you need to make sure that your woman is ready to share this information with you. You should also notice that a request may be sent only if you have opened at least one paid letter.

Detailed description

There was the moment when you made sure her intentions are the honest, and she is ready to leave her homeland and move to your country. It doesn’t matter where you are living, in the USA, Canada, Australia or Europe. All of these regions have the same procedure.

The most appropriate and efficient way to provide her movement is to get a Visa for brides and grooms. With the help of this Visa, she will get an opportunity to stay in your country for 90 days. If it will be all right and the possible marriage will become actual within this period, she will have an ability to get a Green Card.

So why do you need to have a trip to her country? This necessary action is based on the immigration laws of your country. Before you get a Visa for your lady, it should be at least one meeting with this woman. Considering that fact she cannot visit the USA without Visa, it is possible only in case of your visiting her country. Of course, there are some special cases, when a woman can get Visa without your participation, but the probability of success at that rate is less than 1%. That is why it is advisable to meet with more than one girl if you are ready for this long trip. If you do not want to visit Ukraine or Russia, it is possible to arrange a meeting somewhere abroad, in the state, to which she can travel without Visa. For example, it can be Turkey. But are you ready to pay for her ticket? Are you sure she is willing to have a trip abroad with you? The attraction of the third country may be the hardest case you can imagine. Anyway, before you make up your mind, you should contact us, and we will help you to choose the best variant.

So, let’s imagine you decide a variant to visit Ukraine or Russia. It is certainly a hard trip with unknown result. How can you provide the best outcome of such traveling?

First of all, you should choose a few women you have had correspondence with. Of course, there are a lot of lucky guys who got married when there was only one girl to meet. But can you be sure you are just like them? To be confident, make sure your girl is real. A dating site is a good place for scams and rogues. We are trying to protect our clients from con artists, but how can we guarantee that all brides registered here are real?

You should also be sure she is honest and you know everything you need about this woman to avoid unexpected situations, such as that she has a boyfriend or doesn’t speak English contrary to all expectations. That is why we can open her contacts only after the exchange of no less than 15 letters between a woman and you. Another reason to setting up such limits is that there were some cases when men have traveled to girls too early. You should make sure she is ready to meet you in real life. To be sure that girl is interested in the whole thing, you can offer request for her information in the International Marriage Broker entity. In this way, you can confirm her intentions.

Always ask her to send you only new, recent pictures. It is obligatory to understand how she looks now. For this purpose, we have an additional service of private photos, which will never be shown to other Members except you.

So, now you are ready to make a right decision. Our service will provide you with any information you need to find a girl, but of course, the final choice is yours.

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