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What Lviv Women Beauty Means

Here is short review of Lviv women - their appearances, tastes and habits, which can help you to treat them in a proper way or at least recognize.


  • Regular features

  • Most of Western females have regular and not small features - straight nose, strongly marked chin, prominent cheekbones, fine featured mouth outlines. One can admit these characteristics came here because of Dinariс race. But in spite of it many Lviv women have round faces (Dinaric race women have long faces).

  • Dark rich hair

  • Ukrainians have not inherited white race features thus many of them are black-haired. Western Ukraine is populated by men of Armenian, Albanian, Bulgarian descent together with Poles – this became one more reason for dark-haired population here. Thus there are beautiful brunettes with voluminous dark hair.

  • Hazel eyes

  • Another recognizable features of locals are charming hazel eyes that look like the rare black beads and killing look. These hazel eyes with deep meaningful glance are often poetized in national songs, books or folklore.

What Do lvov Women Like

  • Art.

  • Lvov women are interested in leading art mainstreams and adore artists of traditional art in modern interpretation. They willingly visit big events where young artists gather – they get acquainted with new great artworks or standards in modern art, find new friends there.

  • Handmade.

  • The city reminds a huge handmade fair – many talented locals are perfect handicraft masters. Young ladies adore handmade bijouterie, ready-made clothes with handmade embroidery and other accessorizes. Misses often make some interior décor or presents by themselves. One can say that handmade is a part of Lviv women culture in Ukraine.

  • Cooking.

  • Ladies are convinced that top Ukrainian secrete food is perfect because it is cooked at home. Almost every young woman is a first-class chef and she adores cooking. If you are lucky to be invited for a dinner you will discover how delicious home cooked Ukrainian food is.


Among other things locals like are dancing, singing, playing traditional games.

Where to Meet Lviv Single Women

Everybody will guess that any Lviv dating agency site is the most popular place to meet singles. But if you arrive here on your own (for a week-end or holiday) and want to find a girlfriend you should know where to do it. If you want to meet Lviv single women visit the most popular city cafes and restaurants. Amusement leisure places with delicious food are at every corner. But you should admit that the opportunity of meeting a good female for marriage at authentic places is higher than at luxury expensive restaurant. Lady would rather choose small but very cozy art-café with an interesting funky interior. They also like to spend time chatting at terrace cafes, chocolate or coffee spots. Bright beer points with merry atmosphere and good jazz music work as well. Modern art-galleries, fun fairs, open air concerts, food festivals also work well. The city is an open air architectural museum and girls are true culture lovers so you can meet beautiful Lviv Singles simply outside. In that sense Rynok Square is a very good location.

Why you need Lviv women for marriage

One can say that there are very beautiful brides throughout the country but why your potential wife should be from Western Ukraine? There are some reasons to find Lviv women for marriage. First reason was already mentioned – an inimitable unique female beauty. The other one is their venerable love of the national culture. Misses are more traditional than eastern or central Ukrainian ones. This characteristic is very precious for foreigners who dream of meeting a woman with traditional points of view as well as learning an authentic Ukrainian culture. Strong family orientation – is the key philosophy for the western girl who is brought up in complete orthodoxy. She preferably chooses spending time with her sweet ones at home than going out. She always takes care of family values. Such feature makes men sure that no one Lviv Ukraine women agency operates like mail-order brides’ company and such a cliché does not work with locals – they simply would not deal with such company because they are looking for the good person to share life with but not for the opportunity to make money.

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