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Buy the Russian bride and start the happy family!

Happiness is so close… If you do not have enough time to make new acquaintances, to offer ladies to date for a long time or to search for the perfect wife and mother for your children, you can visit our website. We can offer you a nice girl so you could become a good couple.

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Buying the Russian woman: how much does a Russian bride cost?

How much will it cost to "buy" a Russian bride? Do not worry, everything we are offering is legal! You do not buy a person literally. You buy the high-quality communication with a real personality, extraordinary woman, who would be glad to fall in love with you and who is ready to support you. Well, when you decide to start an affair using our service, you can be sure: we offer the best brides and the lowest prices.


The price formation is based on the quantity of messages you send and read. The more you communicate, the cheaper is each single message. You purchase a packet of credits to be able to open the messages you receive from our ladies. If you buy 20 credits, we propose each credit for $2. When purchasing 55 credits, you pay $1.09 for each. If you need to buy 100 credits, you will get each one for $1. This is very attractive offer. Especially taking into the account that the prices offered by other dating agencies are higher, up to $8 per one message.


When talking about the wedding itself the expenses usually vary between $15000 and $30000 but it is always possible to find a cheaper option. It is natural to think about the cost of buying a Russian wife, but honestly, even if you are dating with an ordinary woman in traditional way, you invest in your relationship. You buy flowers, clothes, rent an apartment and buy some food and organize your leisure… Anyway, more or less, the desire to love and be loved costs you N-th sum of money.

The brightest advantages of buying a Russian wife

Why Russian wife? In the West, women tend to build a career and become successful and professional in the field chosen. This results in late pregnancy and difficult birth. This is also harmful for the child. Russian women realize the family and kids are extremely important, and the mother’s health and age strongly influences on the baby’s health… Each of them is ready to sacrifice the career for children. Each of them dreams to be the good companion of life, lover, attentive interlocutor, house-proud wife and the best mother ever. So if you are searching for the family warmth and comfort just learn how to order a Russian bride and you will get all-in-one.


If you are just looking for a chic bride to create a presentable couple, to make everybody pay attention to her incredible appearance, to make her your cause for pride, buying a Russian wife is the best solution. Slavic girls are considered to be the most beautiful in the whole world as they usually have slim figures and pretty faces. A lot of Russian women are very similar to the well-known top models. However, if you prefer ladies with magnificent shapes, you will be satisfied, too.


Buying a Russian bride is also very pleasant as our ladies usually have meek and almost angelic nature. Many of them are very feminine, always support a man. But if you like emotional and energetic woman, it is also not a big deal. And the cost is so attractive! It is so simple: you pay - we fulfill. Protection Status
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