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Who is better, Russian women or American ones?

The below is not intended to be scientific, because it is based on the principle "the majority of women are the same". Sometimes it is interesting and useful to generalize the most prevalent public opinion and hallucinations.



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How do women relate to themselves?


Russian women are admirers of family traditions - children and husband are a priority for them.

The American woman knows she is a person, and has the same right to self-manifestation, as well as any man.


Women from Russia are in good shape; they attend the gym, beauty salons, so their skin looks healthy, fresh.

Americans rarely use makeup to enhance their brightness. It's considered a bad sign, "bright make-up and hairstyles makes them look like a prostitute".




Women from Russia like to dress up. You'll never see those ladies in baggy pants and sweaters; they're always fashionable, elegantly dressed. That's what they always attach great importance to - stylishness, an ability to spectacularly present themselves in any company.

American women dress in fairly shapeless clothing that hides the peculiarities of shape, chest, and legs. Russians already have a fairly widespread view that American woman dress in a great pair of jeans, sneakers and T-shirt on top of it. And inside it all is their personality. This way of dress, from the Russian point of view, is an absolute lack of taste. This is due to the fact that the tight dresses, short skirts, and transparent cloaks, are only worn by American movie stars and women who are trying to pick up men for sex (at home).


Marriage, children


It can't be said that job isn't important for russian women, but family is always their number one concern, so if they must make a choice, they'll always choose family. They are willing to abandon even their career dreams for it, and if husband insists his wife quit the job and stay home, ladies always make concessions. If you want to have a good wife, who will make your house warm and cozy, it's impossible to find a better soul mate than Russians one. Your children will be brought up and warmed by mother's love; they will get all the benefits in the form of a mother care.It's simply impossible to find better mothers than Russian ones.

For American women it's the presence of two parents for the child, which is naturally beneficial to its development.


Women's expectations of men, fears and concerns


Russian women are afraid that they will be alone. They are afraid to take the initiate to build an online relationship with a man. Therefore, they do manicures, wear sexy dresses, and sit near an open window in expectation that a prince on a golden horse will see them and lose his head to love and take the initiative to love her. For some of those who wait a man comes to marry her. For those with a stronger potential carrier of hope they have their photo on the internet, “a beauty at the window” waiting for their American princes.

American fear: they fear that their love will not be appreciated and that men will not take them seriously. They are sensitive to problems in relationships and are vulnerable, in difficult situations, for some reason, they prefer a fighting stance, and will not suffer like Russian beauties who have no rights





The conclusion is difficult to come to .... All that is written is just a bunch of different ideas, and rumors. On my own, the author's point of view is that women are gorgeous, no matter where they lived, and social hallucinations are what is necessary to discuss, and make public criticism. Then, both men and women will be less of obstacles in the way of each other. different ideas, and rumors. On my own, the author's point of view is that women are go.

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