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Myths vs. Reality about Sex with Ukrainian Women: You will be Pleasantly Surprised!

Possibly, your friends told you something about Ukrainian girls’ sexual potential. May be, you have learned some interesting facts about Ukrainian sex from the Internet. But we are ready to share with you adequate information about current situation and debunk popular myths about local women’s moral preferences, upbringing and attitude towards men and sex.

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Are Ukrainian women good in bed?

When we talk about woman, who is good in bed , what do we usually mean? What does she like? What is she able to do and how is her sexual behavior perceived by the opposite sex? How do you imagine women good in bed?


Let me answer with a banal phrase: everything is purely individual about sex and all people are different.


What can I tell you for sure, there are a lot of single ladies with significant sexual energy in Ukraine.


There is no guarantee every Ukrainian girl is great in bed and easily agrees to have sex. But if you meet a lady with nice appearance and with a suitable temperament, you will be satisfied.


So, what behavior is typical for Ukrainian women in bed? The answer is: different. Let’s see what exactly is not typical about Ukrainian sex.

Sex with Ukrainian women: the most common myths about Ukrainian women and sex

Myth 1: Ukrainian women are ready to have sex with a new friend on the first day of dating.


A lot of foreigners desire to visit Ukraine in search of sexual experience with local ladies. Well, is an average Ukrainian girl ready to start an affair with a prosperous tourist? On the contrary, normal Ukrainian woman is very consistent when building serious relationship with a man. She is not ready to have sex with anyone new until she knows for sure they will become a good couple and a new boyfriend will definitely be a good father in case of unplanned pregnancy. Believe, if your Ukrainian girlfriend suspects you expect to have sex with her on the first date, it’s gonna be a holy catastrophe: she will be really offended.


Modern developed and independent Ukrainian women are also highly moral and responsible. So, if you have sex with a girl from Ukraine right after you got acquainted, be aware:


a) she may turn out to be a prostitute and ask for payment;


b) she may have more than one boyfriend (it will be a real problem, if she becomes pregnant soon; guess who will be a ‘daddy’?);


c) she is drunk as a lord.


Forget it, there is no sex on the first date. Sorry, somebody had to tell you the truth.


But... Do not worry, you have a chance to start relationship with a good Ukrainian girl if you contact a trusted dating agency. It will be much easier to communicate and achieve your goals (translators, the agency staff members, will help you to understand the lady correctly). No doubt, you will manage to melt her heart!


Myth 2. Ukrainian girls like to obey in bed.


Imagine you have contacted the dating agency, met a girlfriend in Ukraine and your relationships are serious enough to make the next step. You will probably ask yourself: what do women love in bed? Do not ask yourself, do not Google for this info, just ask your sweetheart! And for God's sake do not believe the widespread myths that Ukrainian ladies are passive in bed, not interested in sex or like to obey. With the right man every woman reveals herself and enjoys intimacy.


Myth 3. Ukrainian women are mercantile and may agree to have sex on the first date to get a sponsor.


Such situations take place sometimes. An infantile uninitiated woman totally depends on a men financially. She does not have an active life position and does not demonstrate any career growth or self-development. As a result, she is ready to have sex with a rich man to get some presents in the form of money, beauty treatments, travels or expensive clothes. But this is rather an exception than the rule.


Recently, young and beautiful girls in Ukraine are completely emancipated and freedom-loving. Ukrainian ladies do not accept restrictions or dependency, so they work hard to achieve the goals themselves. And they decide to have sex only if they feel love or sympathy, but not for money.

Ukrainian sex: an important pleasant discovery

Ukrainian women are very beautiful, feminine and attractive. To have hot Ukrainian sex, you just have to realize: your girlfriend is your reflection. She may easily turn to be a hot Ukrainian women, but it is up to you. If you are not sure what does your lady like, you can spend more time associating with her or ask the specialist from dating agency to help you to establish contact and warm relationship. Protection Status
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