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Call to sexy Russian woman

You can write beautiful letters to a sexy Russian woman you liked on the website of the dating agency for a long time. But soon it will be the next stage of your relationship - the first phone call.


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Your ability to build a conversation on the phone properly will make a good impression on a woman. Many mistakes can be avoided; just you need to think about what you will speak. The following advices will help you to build your communication right and avoid the most common mistakes.



No matter how busy your day is and how much time do you have to talk, you have to impress her as a busy man who lives an active life. That is why just tell her what did you want to say and do not speak about abstract things as the nature and weather. It would be nice if you finish the conversation first. In this case the woman will be waiting for a meeting with you.



The woman has always remembered what you said to her at the end of the conversation. It must be something positive that will make her smile after she ended the call. Even if your first call was unsuccessful, the last joke can fix things in your favor.



Do not call just to chat. You must be ready for talking. You do not need that at the end of your explanation the woman repeated, "So what are you going to say to me?". If you are inviting a sexiest woman for a date, you should have several ideas as for where to go, in case she will not like the first variant.



Sexy Women, of course, have an ability to listen, they can support you in a difficult moment, but you need to avoid such situations. You need not say her all that negative you got during the day or some period of your life. For the first few dates try to hide away your emotional baggage.



Do not leave a message on the answering machine, otherwise you will look like a man who needs her attention. If you call for the first time, please hang up and try again later. Do not be afraid that she will see the unknown phone number that appears several times on her answering machine.



  1. The first telephone conversation should be short.

  2. The conversation should be ended on a cheerful note.

  3. Your call should have a clear goal.

  4. Be positive.

  5. You can leave a message on the answering machine if you are calling her second or third times.

  6. Call her at the right time.

It means that you should avoid calling during business hours. First, she realized how much you think about her, if you found the time to call during a pause between jobs. Second, it can be awkward to talk to you when she is with her co-workers or boss, and she cannot, even if wanted to answer.


We hope that all things will help you to win a beautiful Russian women after the first phone call.

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