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Women of Ukraine: Stereotypes and Reality

Anyone who has ever been to Ukraine will not forget this country's national folklore, traditions, and Ukrainian lasses, who're so attractive and unusual. Their beauty is beyond doubt - thick black hair, bright, eloquent eyes, slenderness - everything about them is perfect. Thousands of men dream to get in good with those ladies and marry a beautiful woman. So why are these women so coveted and mysterious?


Many people have wrong stereotypes about women of Ukraine. There're some isolated cases, just like in any country, but it's wrong to say that all girls are the same.


Here are some of those stereotypes:

  1. These ladies are ready to marry anyone.


    It's totally wrong to assume that every woman in this country will gladly become a wife of completely any foreigner just for the fact that they'll move abroad. Beauties from Ukraine are very demanding in the selection of potential suitor; they will never even date a man who doesn't deserve their trust.


    They're attached to their family, love their parents, spend much time with friends. These women have a lot of interests, they study, work, go in for sports, attend language courses. They do everything for being interesting, versatile personality; therefore they're looking for an intelligent, educated partner.


  3. They don't want to work and are looking for a husband who will aliment them.


    It's a completely wrong belief. Women from Ukraine are notable for their hardworking and desire to be demanded not only as a wife but as a person. They're ready to work day and night when it comes to the welfare of their family, and can always take care of themselves. But at the same time, they will happily give the right of taking care of the family to her husband and will be engaged in household chores. But she'll be engaged in interesting business to feel needed and constantly improving.


  5. They are too young for marriage.


    This opinion fits into European countries' framework, but it's not relevant for Ukraine. Women get married early in this country; often 18-year-old beauty is ready to become a good housewife, wife. She can keep house, knows how to cook, sew, keep the house clean and tidy. A lot of girls are ready to become a mother and be engaged in domesticity since they're 20 years.


Registering on a international dating site "", you get a chance of acquaintance with the most beautiful bride from Ukraine. But in order woman to pay attention to you, your photographs should be of the highest quality, showing all your benefits. Always be attentive to her, tell about your intentions. Ask how her day is, what interesting things she has done if anything has happened. Make it clear that you'll always come to the rescue. Ukrainian women for marriage should understand that she can rely on you and you will understand, help her. Be interested in her, give her flowers, presents, and you will surely win her heart and love!

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