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Women Online Now Terms of Use Agreement

Effective Date: 29.06.2012

Services on JustBrides Website ( (the “Website”) are provided by Dot Com Productions LLC (“Us”). By accessing the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (this "Agreement"), whether or not you register as a member of the Website ("Member"). If you object to anything in this Agreement, do not access the Website or the services provided by Us ("Services"). The Agreement is subject to change by Us at any time, effective upon posting on the Website. If you use the Services after such posting it will constitute acceptance by you of such changes.

Electronic agreement


To use our website and all the services provided it is necessary to read and accept this Agreement, which sets all legally binding terms of use. We can modify this Agreement periodically; you can observe all the changes on our website. This Agreement specifies our Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Subscription Policy and other regulatory notes regarding the usage of our Website. Remember that you accept this Agreement and agree to all specified conditions when becoming a member of our community.

Non-Electronic agreement

Also, you can receive this Agreement in the non-electronic copy. To get a non-electronic form of this Agreement, you should contact us or send a special request. You can do it either before and after a registration procedure.

Usage conditions

To be able to use our service you must meet some requirements. First of all, a potential member of our site must be an adult. Secondly, a marital status is important. Only divorced, never married, widowed, and just single persons can use our dating service. When you are passing registration procedure, you confirm you are single and older than 18 years. Membership on the Website is invalid if these conditions are not met. By entering this site, you are taking responsibility that you are an adult, single, and also giving consent to comply with the terms of the Agreement. You can become our Website member free of charge. After becoming a member of our service, you will have access to all the features of our Website, except the ability to open and read messages, received from other Website members. To communicate with other members of our Service, you need to buy special credits. Price policy is specified on the Website. As for women, they can create a profile at no cost and communicate with men on a free basis.

Agreement terms

This Agreement is still valid while you are Member and are using our Website. You can terminate your Membership at any moment; the reason doesn’t matter. In case of withdrawing, we will refund all the unused credits. You will receive an individual notification before your profile will be removed. All the negotiations about operations with your Member’s account will be done through an email address you provide us during registration. Only owner of the particular account may request a profile termination at discretion. Remember that we are not required to send you a notification about the deletion of your profile. Also, we are now required to disclose a reason of your withdrawing. In some cases, it can be even prohibited. This agreement is still valid even after you pass a procedure of withdrawing. If there exist any terms that can call off a withdrawing, they should be applied.

Third-Party Entities

To extend the dating network, we can involve some foreign companies in collaboration. If some affiliated representatives are involved, our Websites requires them to act under conditions of our Agreement and Policies. You may be sure in confidentiality of all information provided to them. Such practice is very popular for every international company as well as we for our Website.

Prohibited usage

Our Website is intended only for personal usage. It is prohibited to use our service by any commercial entity to gain profit. It is also forbidden to create a Member Profile by any organization, business institution or company for any reason. Collecting users’ information, such as personal data or email addresses with the help of any electronic technique or tool to send spam or other undesirable letters can be specified as illegal actions.

Any usage of site’s content (such as putting in links, using a text without representing an origin source, etc.) can be determined as illegal. Any person or organization that will use our service in an illegal way can be pulled to justice. We can either permit the usage of our service or prohibit it without any explanations at any moment, depending on our desire.


You are entirely responsible for all the actions while you are passing the procedure of registration, such as keeping your personal data confident. After registration and authorization, you became responsible for all actions taken under your username. You should notify a Website administration about any external intervention into your account as well as be sure you are logged out from your account after every session with our service. According to our terms of use, you are entirely responsible for all losses occurred in the result of careless usage of our service. If you are using any public computer, make sure of safety entering of your personal data. In such cases, you should use incognito mode in the browser and make sure that nobody is viewing or recording your password.

Communication conditions

You are taking all your decisions on your sole discretion. All our Members are responsible for their actions and correspondence with other site users. Our agency administration partially controls all your interactions. To ensure the validity of the information provided, we can request a verification of the personal data of any woman via passport data. But we cannot guarantee the complete honesty of our members. Some data cannot be checked out, and Administration does not require verification of biodata, such as weight, growth, hobbies, interests, etc. Rarely some review of female profiles can be requested by men or some legal organizations. We cannot also guarantee about intentions, behavior, and compatibility with each other of our Members. Our website is not responsible for any ensuing consequences of getting acquainted with any Member here, on the site.

Nature of the consequences does not matter. Our users are entirely responsible for all material, moral, physical, spiritual, direct, indirect losses they face as a result of conversations and meetings with the help of our service. You should understand you are responsible for all the consequences of your activity. We cannot guarantee all the female members have good intentions to you, cannot make you sure about the compatibility of a woman you want to meet with. Be careful in any situation, do not provide other members with your financial data, your credit card numbers, bank account info, etc.

We are not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the Site work, for temporary failures and interruptions in the connection lines, other similar failures, as well as for computer problems, with the help of which the user had access to The Internet. Our Members and Users acknowledge that the materials posted on the Site may be available to other Internet users, for actions of which the administration does not bear responsibility. The user also should understand that the system of dating is a network of dating sites that can be placed on the unique domains that use a single search engine with the same user base.

Content on the Website

We are owners of all represented design, data, software features and rights for them, brand names, trademarks and all representations of provided services or any part of things which have been mentioned before. All the rights for the ownership of any services and software, created by our entity are assigned to our Website. Site Content or any content posted on the Site cannot be used without Our permission.

The user assumes full and complete responsibility for the placement of audiovisual works and works of phonograms, copyrights / related rights that do not belong to him. The User has no rights to download, copy, and distribute material posted by other users on their personal pages on another site (in a blog and the Application Form). In the case of filing a lawsuit against the site or the site's administration, Member takes full responsibility for the information placed on the site, and you agree to compensate adequately all the costs associated with the claim.

User’s rights and duties

So, what is forbidden to do on our website?

To create more than one profile;

Allow another person to use your account, or transfer your account to another person;

Disclose your password to others;

To send the same letters to different users (so-called "chain letters"); To publish original works (commercial video, any material whose rights are protected by law).

Use software that contributes: copying, cracking passwords, various hacker attacks; publication or distribution of pornographic materials or any materials that encourage discrimination or hostility toward any person on grounds of sex, race or color;

Collect the user names and users' email addresses with the help of electronic means for sending unsolicited information.

To take actions that might be considered offensive, violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of users of the website, All comments, suggestions, comments, questions about Government and themes related to it


Propaganda of social, racial, national or religious hatred and enmity. The propaganda of social, racial, national, religious or linguistic superiority.

Actions that violate the legislation of the current state; To post information that contains a description of the means and methods of suicide;

To display information that is promoting violence and racial, religious, national and ethnic hatred and enmity;

To post information that is promoting the cult of violence and cruelty; Administration of a Website has the right but not the obligation to review and remove non-relevant information, messages, photos or fully profile. Our Website can also view and delete pictures (avatars) that do not contain the image of the registered user or do not show the person if they are of poor quality or they depict contact details, advertising in the form of links, logos of organizations, flags or similar information, etc. The Member, who is the owner of a profile, is responsible for the content of publications and information transferred to other users of the website. Please do not bother the users that received a request to withdraw a communication. Also, if you wish, you have the option to block any member of the website by selecting the appropriate option in your profile. Banned users cannot contact you through the site never again.

The Administration plans do not include participation in the claims between Members. We are not responsible for actions of other Members while corresponding with you. However, if you have a problem at a meeting that could have adverse outcomes for other Members of our community, please contact the site Administration and try to explain details. Note that the Administration will not be involved in disputes between users of the site. Users are obliged to confirm their age while registering on our Website.

If we investigate that you are not an adult, your account and profile will be deleted without any explanations and notifications. Here are other prohibited topics to talk about. You cannot participate in conversation, which:

promotes the usage of drugs and any attractive texts about drugs;

is fraudulent;

denigrates the honor, dignity and business reputation of others;

violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;

contains slander, coarse and offensive expressions and offers;

violates other rights of third parties and the current legislation.

The Member should respect the copyrights of third parties, including the rights of authors and holders of the intellectual property. Remember that you cannot place images with third parties without their consent. Also Uses cannot post any picture and photos which contain any logos, advertising and promoting content, etc.

In the case of disagreement of the Member with the terms of use, Agreement, and their changes, the User is obliged to abandon the utilization of the Site, with notifying the administration in a prescribed manner. The Member has rights to remove his personal page at any time using the special functionality of the Site.

Moreover, users may not:

To publish in open access addresses, phone numbers, email, ICQ, links and other contacts;

Use the Website under a false login. The user has the right to register on the site only once, and only under a single login;

The user is not entitled to transfer his registration (login and password) to a third party, and has no right to receive it from a third party; Use the Website for the dissemination of advertising;

Use the Website to distribute spam, to extort money or other fraud, including the use of special software to get points on the various promotions and contests conducted on the Site;

Use the Site for the purpose of infringement or illegal use of someone else's copyright, related, patent rights and other intellectual property without the consent of the right holder;

Make on the Site any actions which are contrary to the current legislation, the conditions of this User Agreement and the policy of the Administration.

Administration’s rights and duties

Agreement and Service may be changed by Administration without any notifications to the Member. To be ready for these amendments, you can order a newsletter. The new version of the Agreement will enter into the force upon 30 calendar days from the date of its issuing on the Site. The valid version of the Agreement is always available on the main page of the Website. If you do not want to get a newsletter on a regular basis, you should check these changes independently. The agreement is valid even in cases when the Member has been registered before the changes came into force.

We have rights but not the obligation to block a particular Member from the access to the Website by withdrawing his profile to protect other users and the Website from prohibited actions.

The administration has the right, but not the obligation, to find out a prohibited Content that can violate an Agreement of a Website. We reserve the right to delete such content without any notifications and warnings. In some cases, the Content you have placed on the pages of the Website may violate not only an Agreement, but also rights and duties of other Members, or current legislation.


Administration of the Website is not responsible: For any losses and damages, in any way related to ability or inability of usage of Website, its functions, and outcomes of correspondence between Members;

For breaking and hacking your account

For any violations of legislation that occurred upon an ability of our Member to use the Website, its functions, and outcomes of correspondence between Members

We are not responsible also for:

Incorrect or inaccurate information on this site;

The behavior of participants on the Website;

Error, omission, interruption of communication, delay in operation or transmission, theft.

Any problems with the Internet connection, some technical failures, related to the system, server or computer shortcomings, etc.

Hyperlinks can be placed leading to any other Internet resources on the Website. The administration is not responsible for the availability of such links, for the content of the information at the other resources as well as the rights of third parties on the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization, used on other sites. The administration does not bear responsibility for the content, viewed to users who are residents of countries with some restrictions and prohibition in the normative base.


If you are dissatisfied with our provided service, or you disagree with any part of this Agreement for using the Site, you can immediately withdraw and close your profile with refunding of all credits you haven’t spent yet (according to the conditions specified in our Refund Policy terms).

Your indemnity

After registration, you are agreed to compensate and keep us, our partners, representatives, agents, workers far from any losses, lawsuit, claims and other destructive processes due to the violation of current Agreement terms of use, violation of guarantees provided by you as our Member, or attraction of third parties with result of causing damage to our company.

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