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Understanding ukrainian women

When you go to a dating site you have a lot of choice. There are many Ukrainian girls, so many profiles. And you do not know where to start. You are worrying the girls will not notice you because there also a lot of men like you there.


How can we understand a ukrainian girl?


The most important and indisputable advantage is that all the Ukrainian women on this site want to get married! You can (in most cases) to make at least a minimal idea of someone looking for a Ukrainian girl. You can choose who you want to communicate with(as opposed to blind meetings). Still an advantage is the fact that you do not need to think about how you look now. Another obvious advantage of such sites is you can sharpen even the ability to date and maintain a conversation. And if you do not have experience in this matter, then I think it makes sense to start on a dating site. You can be quiet, because you are in a familiar home environment, and not getting up from your favorite couch you can get acquainted with beautiful girls.


It is not necessary to date with those who do not put up their photo. You could run the risk of running into, to put it mildly, someone who is not beautiful.


So we looked around and now is the time to introduce yourself to this site. The first thing that should take care of are your PHOTOS. A girl who is looking for a guy out of thousands of questionnaires, will first only pay attention to your photos. Before choosing a photo, it is advisable to consult with your female friends, as men and women look at the same pictures differently. Your photos must be of good quality. You must look good, that is be washed, shaved, well dressed, combed, be smiling, but not a picture of you in the morning, with bags under your eyes, in a robe. And before you put your photo on the website, make a few shots and portrait photos that are full height and which try to show your social status. I urge you to boast, as little exaggeration of social status has not harmed anyone (of course no pictures with someone else's limousine on the background, this is stupid). It will be nice if the photos are done by a professional photographer, you can even do a portfolio, but do not forget to dilute the amateur shots, or else you won't be belivable in them.


Next we turn to the application form! That is, if you think that once enrolled, girls will flock to you, you are mistaken. The questionnaire should produce a generally positive impression. Joke, tell everyone about yourself a little more, but leave a bit of mystery. Under "About Me" you can write something short (funny-clever-beautiful), or be more open. Try to be a little original.


Once you've done all the above if the girls have not started to send you letters, you can try to meet them yourself. To do this, just write something to them. Choose girls who are looking for someone your age and like your appearance and other data specified in your questionnaire.


Write the first message. This is the most difficult part. Just from him, the answer depends largely on the girl. Although if she wants to really meet you, then none of your message will not prevent it (but it is the minimum percentage of cases).


Requirements to the first message.




Quite often there is a lot of useful information to facilitate business.


The next step is speaking on the phone.


You should not delay this part, and then go over to the category of "pleasant companions. "Correspondence on the Internet is not the same as communication by telephone. Speaking on the phone is much better, more interesting and productive. How do you ask for her phone number? Just ask! If you've doen everything correct up to this part and you're having a good correspondence then it won't matter. You can even write something like "this is ________ to be your number", a sense of humor always helps. Well, when you get her number, you can finally proceed to your main goal, calling her for a date on which you can already find out whether she really is the lady of your heart. Remember you are a man and you naturally have to take the lead, and not wait for something to happen on its own.

  • This should be a simple text message as opposed to "Hi", "smileys" and any other pretzels abound dating

  • The message should be short and intelligible; she must get from you some information (other than the fact that your sending her a greeting, she'll like it, and the fact that you ask her phone number)

  • The message should be something that "hooks" the girl. If you don't 'hook' her then she is not going to respond so do not send a letter based only on her photograph, you must read her profile carefully, especially the section where she writes about herself and what she is looking for.

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