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FAQ page

1. Participation:

Do you require any fees for using your services? We are glad to tell you that most of our services including signing up the profile, observing our database and profiles, receiving and sending messages to other people are available for free. However, you need to get several credits to observe messages of other people and you will pay some fees if you want to call us. Nevertheless, these fees are little, you won’t be charged for too much;

How can I purchase credits?

We have a lot of payment options for you to buy credits; you can use Visa, MasterCard, Discovery and American Express. This transaction is absolutely safe because it requires logging in and using your own account. You can also exploit other payment options if you want to use other service.

How much one credit costs?

The price of one credit depends on the amount of credits you buy. If you want to buy 100 credits, you can purchase them for only $1 per credit, if you want to buy 55-99 credits – it will cost you $1,09 per credit; if you want to buy less it will cost you $2 per credit.

Can I track this payment by phone orusing a credit card?

Off course, it will be shown as “the first International” with a phone number or some abbreviations.

What factors determine the price of opening woman’s letters?

There are several factors which determine the price needed to pay for opening the woman’s website. A first factor is a number of men the woman corresponds with, the more popular the woman is, the more expensive it will be to open the letter written by her. The second factor is her English skills. If her current level of English does not require involving the translator, the price on his services will not be included in a price. If the woman knows English not very well, you will pay for translation services. The third factor is whether the woman has the Internet access in her house. If she doesn’t have an internet access, she will use an Agency computer, which is not available for free. Remember, the first time you open the letter to your loved, its price will become fixed.

Can I contact the lady using her direct contact details?

Yes, you can, but this option is not a free one. The first thing you should do is to download the required form and fill it using your own prerequisites. After that, you can observe woman’s details using two main approaches. The first one is based on the opening 15 messages from the woman. After that, you will have the right to obtain the information on her contact details. You can do this by clicking on the button “Send contact info request”. Another way is to ask her directly about her contact details. Remember, you don’t have the right to write her about that, but you can pay $50 and we will contact her directly asking her to give contact details. However, this way is connected with some risks. The woman can refuse to give her contacts indirectly and your money will be lost. However, this may not happen if you have at least one paid message to her and if she knows, who you are and why do you write her. Don’t try to get your contact details using the e-mail because we don’t allow sharing this information via personal messages. The only way to get it is asking our help. You will only waste your time and money if you try to share this information withyour chosen lady.

Remember that contacting our members using means other than our web-site violate our rules and the agreement which you have signed. That is why you mustn’t connect with her before we allow you to share contact details with her. This is essential for her not because of our terms and rules violation but because your lady may have several problems obtaining a visa for coming to the US. That is why women are not allowed to speak to you using other means of communicating, they will not respond if you try to minimize your costs and experience your luck. That is why if someone contacts you claiming that she is a lady from our web-site, you know, that this is a scam attempt. Only after you will be allowed to share contact information, you have rights to communicate freely without using our services.

What will the Requested contacts page contain?

If you obtain the page with requested contacts, be sure that this page consists of all the contact details you need. Updating will not be available before we process your requested contact details.

Which special offers and discounts do you offer?

If you’ve opened at least 15 paid messages, you can have all available at the price of only 5 credits. Even if you request her contacts, you will still be eligible for such a reduction. If the information you’ve requested lacks an e-mail address, be sure that you will pay only 1 credit per letter (this does not refer to translators services, which you will surely pay). However, even if you need a translator you will not pay more than 5 credits per message.

What is my lady has a “trust level” on her profile?

Don’t worry, the trust level is only the level of credibility your lady has according to our assessment of several factors, including passport scans, live meetings, correspondence and the conversation by phone. These female members are also assessed by the way how they are seen by our staff and the feedback of male members, who have spoken to them. All these factors are assessed deeply and their complex estimating results in a “trust level”. The appearance on a meeting is a more valuable factor than her photo on a passport; that is why all these factors have different weights, so it is very hard to change the whole assessment by changing the one factor. If the profile has a trust level of 100%, it is evident that she is a real person and she makes all the communications by herself. You shouldn’t take out profiles with the trust level which is smaller than 100%, but this will give you the ability to protect yourself from profiles with less than 40% credibility level. You shouldn’t confound the profile with no credibility level with profiles with low credibility levels. Those who have no credibility level are recently registered and they haven’t currently uploaded their documents needed for our assessment.

What can I get using a friend list?

Do not confuse a friend list with a list of people you correspond with. You need to send them an invitation to become their friends and wait for their request. Remember, that you are friends mutually: he will become your friend the same time as you become his friend. If you want to dismiss this person from your “Friends” list, doing that requires from you logging in, passing to the communicator, choosing the needed person and deleting him from your contact list by clicking special button. Remember, that being a friend to the person means you have an ability to observe his photos and that he will be seen as your friends by every user of this network.

You should never take a preference to those who have a lot of friends. The quantity of them is their own choice and no one sees the affluence of friends as the good thing. Some think that a lot of friends mean that the person is popular enough to attract them. Others think that it is better to not show their friends meaning that everybody should have their own private life. Others may obtain friendship with only one person, who is crucially essential for him. You can use your own meaning of the quantity of your lady’s friends but the rating of her pictures and her popularity among other male clients are more essential than this factor.

Do I have an ability to observe my lady’s private photos?

Most of the pictures are protected by a password, so you need to contact the lady and ask for it. You will surely obtain it if you develop communication with her beforehand.

Can I talk to the lady by phone?

You will surely have this ability but not that quickly. You should order it on our site and pay 1,8 credits per minute(if your lady knows English well enough to speak to you freely this sum may be reduced). Don’t expect the phone call very quickly because we need to contact her or her local agency and make suggestions upon the phone call. Please, don’t try to ask her contact details because this is not allowed and she doesn’t have such a right.

Can I speak to her using video chat facilities?

Sure, but you need to order it before the time you are planning to make a video call. Making request is easy; you can do it with your phone or writing on our e-mail address. However, the price of video chatting is about 2,5 credits per minute, so be sure, you have enough credits. You can talk to her by the amount of time you want but it shouldn’t last less than 10 minutes. Our system automatically charges your account with the amount for 10 minutes of video chatting, so you won’t be disturbed during the session. But be sure that you have enough credits to start the talk. If you want to order a video call, make it beforehand, so we will have time to visit her or her local agency and make a suggestion on this video call. Please don’t try to request her personal contact information during the talk, this is not allowed.

How to be assured that these ladies are not scammers?

All the ladies are represented by their local agencies so we are able to contact these agencies if any suspicious activity is detected. We watch out every member and if we detect someone, who delivers messages to a lot of people, we check this person. Nevertheless, it is very hard to check out all the people, so if you admit any suspicious activities, please, tell us about it and we check this person out.

How can I be assured that my lady doesn’t seek marriage with me as the way to come to the US and that she will not leave me after obtaining a citizenship?

To tell the truth, we don’t know what really motivates our members choosing to marry the foreigner. There is only one way for you to know that: during the face-to-face communication. It is not hard to admit that she seeks something more than a marriage and if you admit that, no one will stop you from leaving her. Nevertheless, she needs to stay with you for two years before she obtains a permanent residence, you may include at least three years as the time to process the application. Even if she doesn’t tell you everything, five years is enough for you to prove her that you are the one, whom she will love all her life. Yes, she may do it to obtain a green card, but it is quite obvious that most women from our services know English not enough to work in the US, most of them want to make a family, not to get something from her partner or to get a job. Remember, if you respect and value her, she will be satisfied with you and live with you all your life but if you don’t respect her and regard her as a slave to fulfill your desires, don’t ask, why she wants to leave you. Most of those, who tell that they were deceived in such a disgusting way don’t know that international marriages have much lower divorce rate than native ones.

Do I have the possibility to marry a much younger girl than myself?

Despite it is somewhat odd for American mentality that some Russian women want to have a couple with a much older man than themselves it is not odd for Russian mentality. It is up to a woman to choose, to marry a young and perspective person or to marry an older person who is considerably wealthier than the younger one. If you are 40 or 45, don’t try to find a woman aged 18 or 19 but the difference in 15-20 years is acceptable. The best way to find out whether you fulfill her requirements or not is observing her profile.

Do your activities comply with an IMBRA law?

Be sure, we are fully compliant with requirements of this law, so you need to apply for an IMBRA release and prolong the process of applying for her fiancée visa. Off course, we disagree with most of its points but we respect and obey the US legislature. We are not able to set up any changes, but you can influence that by signing petitions to repeal it.

Do you have any clients who have found their love using your web-site?

Of-course, you can find their stories and clients reviews on our web-site.

Why your toll-free number doesn’t work at the moment?

Toll-free numbers are not available for customers from outside of the continental US. Most of our customers from Hawaii or Canada don’t have the ability to use this option. If you don’t have the ability to use it, please contact us using via video-chat or using our regular numbers.

Do you have your own e-mail?

Our e-mail and information, concerning our current contacts,are stated above. Feel free to use this address as a mean to deliver all correspondence, payment documents and orders to this mail.

What can I do if I haven’t obtained the answer to my inquiry?

We’ve encountered this problem several times; the main reason is because most e-mail providers block some messages due to their anti-spam policies. This concerns several services, like yahoo, Hotmail, etc. A lot of legitimate messages are blocked because the provider suspects them to be a spam. Of course, it is easy to understand their efforts to clean the Internet from a lot of fake messages but sometimes they are concerned too much about that. They automatically select messages into three separate groups: those, which will be delivered, those which will not be delivered but deleted and those suspected to be a SPAM; this brings them to your “spam” or “bulk messages” folder.

Some of our messages are blocked but that is not because we use spam messages. If you didn’t achieve what you wanted and you think that this is unable to solve your problem, please, contact us by phone or e-mail, we are available to help you anytime. But what we want you to do at first are to check out your “bulk messages” folder and find out whether our message is in this folder or not. If this message is not found in your spam folder, please, contact us as soon as possible, so we will be able to answer all your questions and do everything to unblock our e-mails.

Why any of ladies, whom I’ve delivered my requests and messages, haven’t responded to me?

If you didn’t receive your ladies requests the first thing you should do is logging in and watching out our notifications. Ladies cannot reply directly to you; after they receive the message you will be notified by mail. If you don’t receive messages you should watch out your “spam” folder and find out whether our notification is there or not. If not, you need to be assured that your account has a photo. Russian women don’t like accepting messages from those who want to hide their face; that is why you need to complete your profile to receive messages from women. If you have a completed profile and three of your messages are not responded, please write us and we will find out how to solve your problem.

What can I do if I cannot deliver the message to the woman because I currently have more than two unopened messages from other members?

We don’t want for our members to receive spam, so we don’t allow the member to send messages before more than two messages are not opened. We offer you to return to your communicator and read all your messages before writing a new one. If these messages are read and marked as opened, but you still don’t have the ability to send messages to her, please contact the administrator.

Why I’ve obtained my profile rejection?

Sometimes we reject several profiles which violate rules of our service and seem suspicious to our workers. If you’ve got your profile rejected, you need to consider all things which will enable your profile to not being rejected the next time:

1. You need to attach the picture of yourself to your profile. Your face should be recognizable and your features easily visible. We don’t accept photographs with nudity or those, showing your contact details because this is against our rules and guidelines;

2. Prolong the description: if your description is too short or if it is absent, be sure, we will reject your profile;

3. Youshould give your contact details using places, which are specially provided for them, don’t put them in other spaces;

4. Provide the information on the country there you are located now or provide the information on where do you permanently live in your description;

5. Give us the information about your phone number.

2. Travelling to Russia

How long should I wait to obtain a Visa to Russia or Ukraine?

You will be contacted about all necessary documents but you need to be assured that your passport doesn’t expire within next six months of your travel. Within 1-2 days we will fax you and give you all information about all the necessary documents. After obtaining this information, you need to apply for meeting with the Russian or Ukrainian consulate. It will take no more than 2 weeks but you can get it even the same day if you pay a little contribution. You should also take into account all terms needed to deliver your mail to Consulate services and back. Each operation will not last more than one day if you choose proper deliverer. Remember that you are able to come to Council personally; it will be much easier for you if you live near the Seattle, San-Francisco, and New-York. The cost of applying for a visa is $300. The processing time may be similar to processing a Ukrainian Visa.

Does Russia seem a safe country?

Like other CIS countries, Russia can be safe for those, who know what to do and where to go. If you are lost or left on your own, you will not feel safe even in the Europe. Don’t visit strange and dangerous neighborhoods and don’t flash out your money and no one will disturb you. The best variant for you is to ask the woman you are visiting to show the city and lead to the place of the meeting.

Do I need an adaptor to bring my notebook with me?

Off course, you should bring a little adaptor to plug in your devices to electricity. Custom services will not restrict you bringing your electric devices with you but you should know that energy standards in the US and Russia are quite different (the USA has its standard voltage of 110 volts when Russia’s standard voltage is two times higher. The transformer is not that expensive;its price is about $20-30. However, if you want to bring your laptop with you, you should know that laptops adaptors can endure 220 V, so be sure, you will not have any problems while switching it on. However, you should look at your charger and see whether your laptop can endure the 220-250 V voltages. Even if maximum acceptable voltages are 220 V, you should get an adaptor because no one is assured from surges. Moreover, plugs in Russia and the USA differ: American plugs are designed in the form of simple flat prongs, while Russian standards require 2 round holes and you cannot plug one adaptor to another. However, this adaptor is even cheaper; you will need to pay only $2-3 to switch between one plug and the other. Speaking about phone connectors, those used by CIS residents are similar to those, used in the USA, so you don’t need to buy additional equipment.

Can I connect to the Internet in Russia?

Off course, you can connect to Wi-fi in every hotel where you will live and even in a restaurant where you want to have a dinner, Wi-fi is quick and its standards are similar to all countries of the world, so it is not that hard to find an internet-cafe and to use the internet connection. In most of restaurants the Wi-fi is free for its customers; others may require a symbolic amount of $1-2. However, if you want to connect to the Internet using your laptop, it is not that easy. There is no alone internet provider, whose services are used in all Russian cities. That is why if you need to connect to the Internet, you need to find a local provider. Don’t worry, you can ask for help your hotel assistants, you can even find one of them before your trip but prepare to pay that with Russian cash. Providers never accept MasterCard or Visa, so you need to exchange your money, paying $0.5 to $1 per hour. But if you don’t want to use it, you should find an Internet cafe and ask its staff he password. They will surely do what you say. Can I bring other electronic devices to Russia and will they work? You can bring to Russia every device you want but be sure that you have an AC adaptor for every of them. European and American energy standards differ completely, so you need to be assured that you have needed adaptors. It won’t cost you much; you can buy it in most supermarkets.

How can I use my cell phone in Russia?

How cold is in Russia?

To tell the truth, Russia is a large country, so every region has its own climate. Most of our clients live in a central part of Russia, the climate there is mild and not so cold as you may think. It is somewhat like in the Midwest in the US, however, winds in Russia are not as severe as in these regions.

How can I call Ukrainians and Russians from the US?

To contact Ukrainians and Russians with their own numbers, you will need to dial 011 and add the country code which is 7 for Russia, 375 for Belarus and 380 for Ukraine. Think clearly before doing that because if you call them from the US, you will be charged for $2 a minute, not less. If you have any problems you are welcome to contact our operator, she knows how to dial this number for you.

Will my phone work if I bring it with me?

This question depends on a provider you use. Most European companies provide the connection using GSM standard; that is why your phone will work well if you are from a European country. We advise you to negotiate this question with your provider because some may charge you with several roaming fees. However, if you are from the US, your phone may not work in Russia. This is just because most American providers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T use another standard called CDMA. However, if your provider is T-Mobile or Cingular, be sure that your phone will work in Russia because they like other European and Russian providers maintain GSM standard. Russian users use the GSM 1800 frequency. Most phones from the US are able to work with this frequency. However, some regions have the coverage of GSM 900, so you need a phone working with this frequency. So, the best way for you is to negotiate all the details with your provider. Despite you can make calls if you use services of T-mobile and Cingular, your operator will charge you with at least $1,5 per minute. If you want to make calls in Russia, you will be also charged with long-distance fees. If you don’t want to pay such fees we advise you to buy a Russian SIM and get it into your device. This will not cost you a lot, moreover, you will surely benefit from local communication fees. However, if your phone is locked you need to unlock it using instructions from the Internet or even delivering your phone to IT specialists from the city you are coming to. The one thing which you should know about Russian providers is that they don’t offer a monthly plan, the only one thing which they offer is prepaid service. Their charges are about 10-15 cents per minute, if you call somebody thousand miles away from you, this call will cost 15-80 cents per minute. If we talk about international calls, they are valued about $3 per minute. You should also consider that morning-time calls are quite cheaper than evening-time calls, so try to make every negotiation before the dinner. It will be not that hard to pay for communication services because in almost every supermarket you will find special machines for delivering your payments to the company. Don’t be afraid to not understand the Russian, they have English interface as well as Russian.

If you don’t want to make a mistake choosing a communication company, we recommend you to use Vodafone. This service is an international service which has purchased MTS, the most popular Russian provider. If you choose its services you will be able to call most Russian people for really low prices. This provider has lots of wireless stores and it has the best coverage. Another benefit is that having the Vodafone, you will be able to call people other European countries for cheap.

3. Immigration and Visa.

Do I need to apply for a Visa while coming to Russia or other CIS countries?

CIS countries have different policies concerning visa and immigration policies. For example, if you are a US citizen, you also need to apply for Visa. US citizens in Ukraine can stay for no longer than three months, the only one requirement for that is a valid travel passport. If we talk about a Russia, we can send you an invitation letter which will serve as the reason for coming to the Russia. After that, you will need to send this invitation with your travel passport and photos of passport size to the Russian consulate in your region.

Do I have a chance to bring my loved to my home country?

We assure you that if you contact us and ask about this information, we will tell you everything about that. Consider that we don’t have any attorneys in our staff, so you need to use an outside one. However, if you need help in finding such a specialist, who knows Immigration laws we know whom to offer you, don’t stop to keep in touch with us.


How long should I wait for my love to obtain a Visa to the US?

You shouldn’t worry about that, it usually takes not more than two weeks from the date she will be accepted to the US council. You don’t even need to write your petition to participate in such process.

Can I spend any money to make this process running shorter?

If you are a US citizen and you need to obtain a Visa to Russia, money is able to speed up the whole process. The US council has another policy, which does not require an expedited service, so waiting times are the same for everybody.

What is better, to marry the Russian woman outside the US or to bring her to the US and then to marry?

The way chosen by most men, who meet this problem, is bringing her to the U.S. in terms of K visa and then marrying her. This is less risky because she is currently with you while her documents upon the permanent residence are processed. On the other hand, if you marry her in her home country, you will wait several months for her to make a permanent residence and come to the U.S.As you see the second process is worse.

How long does it take to bring your love to the US and how difficult is the process?

We can provide several kits for you to use but remember that these kits are for applying for Visa in the US only.

At first, we advise you to never give money to people whom you don’t believe. You need to pay for services only if the person is credible, because there are a lot of scams and frauds throughout the Internet. Sometimes women may ask you to give her a needed sum for purchasing a ticket or applying for a visa to come to you but that can be a fake and you will see it after a certain amount of time. Never accept letters with demands under any excuses, if you fluctuate, please contact us as soon as possible.

Remember that you will not have the ability to bring her to the US until you won’t meet with her face to face. If you didn’t ever encounter her, it will be much harder for her to obtain a “tourist” or “guest” visa. That is why the only guaranteed way for her is to apply for a fiancée visa, more familiar to you as a K visa. The legislative terms of this visa require from her meeting with you face to face with giving the Counsel workers certain things and photos which prove that. You can meet with her in her home country or have an encounter in some of the countries where Russian people do not need a Visa for coming. Of course, the second option is quite brighter but you should watch closely her demands and requirements such as the demand to pay for her tickets etc.

After encountering her, you need to fill in the I-129F form in order to file a petition using all USCIS requirements. You should fill up the petition by yourself and you need to file the petition using your state’s jurisdiction. You will also need to pay a fee of $455. Only after this petition is approved the woman can use it in order to apply for her visa. Note that it is not quick to process that petition, it may take several months. If you want to know the whole sum needed for writing and processing the petition it may cost $650. Nevertheless obtaining a K visa is much easier than obtaining the guest visa and counsel workers process it with less suspicion. If she is a real person, if she doesn’t have political problems and if any of you didn’t ever violate immigration laws, everything will be all right. Note, that sometimes if any of you apply for a fiancée visa the second time; it can be the reason for rejection. The one thing which you should be prepared to is that your love may not have the money to come to the US and meet all challenges and costs of traveling. That is why you should be prepared to pay for her tickets. It will be very nice, if you offer to accompany her during the visit, but prepare to the fact that you will pay twice. The ticket costs from $600 to $900 depending on the date of arriving, the distance between her city and yours and other. So, if you want to support her, prepare to add from $1000 to $1800 on your two-way ticket.

After the day she arrives, you have 90 days to marry and apply for her permanent residence. Try to make everything during this period because if you don’t achieve that, she will need to return to her home country and you also should pay for her back ticket. As soon as you marry, the first thing which you should do is to apply for the permanent residence for her. You should pay an application fee and provide a special form for that. If you fill in the form yourself, you need to pay not less than $1000 for application and her medical tests. Sometimes people, who fill such forms need the help of an attorney to support them during the application. We don’t have an immigration attorney in our personnel but we can recommend you the one, who has enough competencies to help you. Contact us and we will send you contacts of him.

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