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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 29.06.2012

Services on the Just Brides Website ( (the “Website”) are provided by Dot Com Productions LLC (“Us” or We”). This Privacy Policy was created to specify our intentions to provide our users with total confidentiality while using our service. This guide is designed to answer all the questions about our Privacy policy conditions.

Age restrictions

Our policy is to protect children from the usage of such sites, so only adult members can make any operations with our site. Our service is prohibited for users who are less than 18 years old. We don’t use any personal data received from the people who are younger than 18 years. All the users who are disagreeing with such policy are free not to use our website.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy interconnections

Our Privacy Policy is strictly connected with our Terms of Use. As a part of an Agreement, this policy contains all the information needed to provide you with conditions of our Website using. All the data you can collect here and give us will be regulated by this Privacy Policy. You are accepting this Privacy Policy just via using our Website.

Information providing

You don’t need to provide us with any information while using our Website. The only one information required is your IP address. We use your IP address to maintain a non-stop activity of our Website, to find out all the problems of our online service, to manage our safety and to set up a demographic map of our site Users. We also use cookies to observe your online orders and requests and to keep your presence on the site personalized.

After passing a registration and authorization procedures you consent to all the operations (such as storing, collecting and transferring) of the following personal information among our servers in different countries:

Email address, your contact info, sometimes we can also use some financial information to provide success payments operations. Don’t be afraid; we use only a card and bank amount numbers. You PIN number and CVV code are secured;

Your bio. We use personal information you provided on your profile; Some data about your operations on our site, such as a list of other users you have ever contacted with. For this purpose, we can use cookies;

Your personal information except an email address you provide us to communicate with you and receiving messages from administration;

All the correspondence data collected from negotiations between different users and some information about your chats and other conversations;

With the help of cookies, we can also collect some information about viewed pages. We are keeping track your movement within our Website to better understanding a client’s needs. We can also use IP addresses in such cases.

Foreign Users

If you are a resident of a different country, there can be some differences in the privacy policy. To be sure that your rights are exercised, and we are acting in the legal field, such differences must be regulated and approved by our Administration. In this case, you should provide us with all necessary information.

Order Information

To be our Member, you should provide us with information in a special order form. Our organization is not aimed at gaining profit from selling information about your person to third parties. Requested questionnaire contains only contact information, such as your email address (to maintain a quick interconnection between Members and Administration) or financial information (this data is needed to be sure in your paying capacity). All gathered information is secured by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which is one of the safest and popular encrypting tools. We also guarantee a security of stored data, because we do not keep your information on our servers. Your credit card data will be deleted right after information transmitting procedure.


Due to the use of your personal data and operations with your credit card, it is necessary to provide total security of data transferring to prevent any damages and losses to you and our website. To avert stealing of data, our website is using SSL protocol.

What is that protocol? Secure Socket Layer protocol is a special cryptographic application developed 20 years ago. It has become the most popular method to provide the secure exchanging of data over the Internet sites. This protocol is integrated into the majority of Web servers and uses the asymmetric public-key cryptosystem, developed by RSA.

Data security will always be the most important factor in the Internet transferring of public information both for developers and customers. Therefore, safety is critical for Us as well as for any organization for any product you are using is crucial to creating a safe execution environment.



To provide you with information about all the changes and novelties of our service, we offer you to subscribe to our newsletter. To become our subscriber, you should provide us with your actual email address. You can order a newsletter either before or after the registration procedure. Due to using the SSL protocol you will be secured from other users and any undesirable letters, such as spam.

Third Parties

The activity of our company is strictly connected to sharing of information about the Members within the scope of our site. All the information you are providing can be divided into two groups: public and confidential. The public information contains those facts you have specified in your bio. Another one, confidential, consists of your personal data (credit cards information, personal email address, phone number, etc.). We don’t share it with other Members of our Website, don’t use it on a commercial basis, don’t sell it to third parties, this information is hidden and secured.

Sometimes, different companies may use your personal information on the market to receive extra earnings by selling it to third parties, who are interested in the dark marketing. We don’t do that. The only information we can share with third parties is a particular group of data, such as your geographical location, a period of the day you use our website, you sex and age. This data doesn’t disclose your personality. It is used to maintain and improve the functioning of our service. Any personal data such as your PIN numbers or CVV codes, full name, address, email of phone number will never be shared. We will never provide anybody with your personal data without your permission. It is specified in our Terms of Use.

Affiliated Websites

To improve our service, we can collaborate with companies from the whole world. Such entities are named affiliated companies. We can share information from your profile with them. Affiliated organizations also follow our Privacy Policy and won’t share your personal data without your permission. Such activity is only intended to increase our capability on the international market and provide you with the best service.

Terms of Use

Actual Privacy Policy is valid for every User regardless of the date of registration and authorization. To be a Member of our Website, it is necessary to accept the Privacy Policy Terms we provide. Conditions of Privacy Policy apply to all users who accept them. If you have ever accepted our Privacy Policy, it will be applicable for all the period you are Member of our Website. If these terms are posted after you became our Member, they are also valid and will be applied to your personal data which was collected before the date of Privacy Policy issuing.


The activity of our site is intent on maintaining of your correspondence with other site members. It means that there are no limits in the personal information you can share with all the Members of our service. We are not responsible for effects of such exchanging. Due to our Privacy Policy we have the right but not the obligation to monitor your correspondence on our Website to protect users from fraudulent activity, such as blackmails, soliciting of money and other violations of our Agreement and Privacy Policy. To prevent any illegal actions, we also have rights but not the obligation to monitor your profile and translate your messages if they are transmitted on the languages other than English. We also reserve the right to keep your correspondence with Administration while you are Member of our Service.


We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Policy at any moment. If changes there have any direct or indirect influences on your profile, rights or any other conditions connected with our Service, you will be informed about these amendments immediately. All the correspondence between Members and Administration is ensured through the email addresses you provided to us. Any changes to the Privacy Policy become valid one month (30 days) from the date of publication or upon the date of notification, you will get on your email address.

Remember that you should inform us about the validity of the email you have provided us with. In the case of invalidity of your email due to any changes based on your personal desires we are not responsible for, you won’t be informed about these changes. You should also note that amendments to the Privacy Policy may also affect our rights to use your private information. This notification will be valid for the information you have provided before the actual changes in the Policy. If you don’t want to accept such changes in case of any amendments by the Administration, you must inform us about it. You should notify us through an email before the date these changes will come into force. Remember that you have the right to terminate your profile at any moment without any explanations.

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