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Major tips for using the

Before you start using our service, you should pass a procedure of registration. Only registered and authorized users can contact with each other. The procedure of registration is free for all members. After passing a registration you will get an access to your personal mailbox, with help of which you can maintain a communication with site members, read and send messages, purchase and spend your credits. The first advice it to upload a photo to your profile. This will increase your chances to find a person to communicate with.

How can you contact with our site members:

Communication via free messages. If you have a permanent access to the Internet, you will get all the messages immediately. It should be mentioned that not all brides have a constant Internet connection. But don’t worry. We are responsible for the delivery of messages you are paying for. In this case our site has an ability to deliver an e-mail letter to the woman through a phone number or a domestic mail. You will get her response into your personal mailbox on our site. A notification service will inform you about a message received. To open a received message from a girl you need to purchase some credits on our site. The value of credits and price of 1 credit may vary. The price of 1 credit depends on the quantity of credits you purchase per one operation. The amount of credits required for opening a letter may also vary.

Free “smile”. This tool helps you to attract women’s attention with a short greeting message. You can fulfil it with a link to your profile. This is the best way to determine your concernment in a particular girl.

Phone call. Our site offers you a special service of phone negotiation with girl with help of bilingual operator-translator. You can send a free request to talk with a certain member of our site. The procedure is very simple. You need to specify your login on our site, name or reference number of the woman you want to speak with, and the time you prefer to take a conversation. Then our operator will dial a number indicated by woman, and then you can join a conversation. Pay attention that our operator will stay on the line while you are talking. Sometimes a handset can be picked up by someone of family members. In this case operator will unconditionally arrange your next call for free.

What is the next step?

Price policy

We have an ability to set up a floating price for our service. Have you ever met as low prices as we offer to you? One letter exchange costs 0.5 USD. Letter exchange means you can send and receive one letter per one operation. Sometimes you can find a price of 8 USD per same procedure in other dating sites. Don’t be afraid of such low prices. The quality of service provided does not depend on the price. Also we offer special conditions for women. They can use our site free of charge.

What does it mean “floating price”? A price of one credit may vary depending on the quantity of credits bought. Here is an example. You will pay only 1 USD per 100 and more credits. In case of purchasing of 55 credits it will cost 1.09 USD per one credit. If you want to get 20 credits, you must pay 2 USD per each credit. Payments via credit cards, checks, wires and other ways are provided.

Also the quality of credits you pay for opening a letter may vary. What are factors it depends on? There are some ladies registered on our site, who don’t have an ability to be online all the time. Some of them don’t have a permanent Internet connection. In this case we need to involve some local representatives to provide both you and a woman with a message delivering. Every local facility contains a special worker who helps to translate letters, if woman isn’t a good English speaker. Even if lady cannot come to the local representative as soon as possible, an interpreter can read a message via phone call and then get a woman’s response with help of domestic mail. Exchanging between interpreter and lady is always provided in private order. All the processes are fully automated, so the quality and rapidity of such operation is the highest.

Such operations are more expensive processes than direct conversations, so in this case a cost of opening a letter will be higher. That’s why a cost of the same message to different girls may vary. But the difference between our site and competitors is that you are protected from excess payments. Other dating agencies may establish a unified price for all the messages. Of course, the price for all operations will be the highest.

Most part of our women members have an ability to correspond with you directly with help of permanent Internet connection, so the price for letters is not higher than 0.5 USD per 2 letters exchanging.

Another problem of the better part of dating agencies is that they have a particular amount of most popular women on the site. In this case a huge part of ladies don’t get any letter from men, because men are passionate about those girls from the top. Such situation has bad outcomes for the both members. The majority of women don’t get any messages from men as well as guys don’t get any responds from extremely popular ladies. More often such agencies are focused on the selling of these popular girls’ subscriptions and addresses and gaining profits from that. They don’t care about the amount of letters received by one woman and the ability of this woman to answer to all the men interested in this lady. That is why we are introducing a special price policy for correspondence with each woman. It is based on the amount of letters she gets. The price for corresponding will increase with increasing amount of letters she gets from new men. The price in credits stays constant for those members who have been already corresponding with a certain girl. A rising price concerns only a new contact. The price of opening a letter is calculated automatically with help of special system. In different cases a price for opening a letter may vary from 0.5 credits to 20 credits.

When the amount of unanswered messages will reach a certain point, and increasing of price won’t be justified, this girl will be dropped out from search results. But don’t be afraid, if you have a correspondence with this girl, you won’t face any problems in your conversations. Our site also protects you from any profiles with non-active members.

Where can I get information about a lady?

Only a woman is a supplier of any information about her person. We provide you with all the information she gave us, except her personal contact information. If you see empty fields, or if some information is unknown, it means that lady doesn’t provide us with this information. But the best way to find out anything about a girl is to ask her directly.

Ladies’ availability

As it has been mentioned before, we take care about the activeness of our site members. So, you can be sure that any lady whose personal page is showed on our site is available to speak with. All inactive profiles are removed, and this process is maintaining by our crew. If a member doesn’t read messages, doesn’t visit a site, doesn’t check a mailbox for a long time, such profile will be removed. In any case of removing, an owner of a profile will be warned about it by email.

What does "Will tell you later" mean?

Sometimes you can meet with such phrases as “will tell you later” in ladies’ profiles. What does it mean? If you face such statements in girls’ bio, it means that she doesn’t want to answer specific questions. We provide members with such options in cases when profile’s owner doesn’t want to share particular information in the Web. For example, a lady doesn’t want to tell you about her hobbies or some personal data without getting acquainted with you.

Can I pay by check or money order?

Our site accepts any way of purchasing credits. You can make a payment via check, money order, cash, and so on.

View all available payment options.

Are credit card transactions secured?

Briefly, yes. All transactions are secured. There is no any case of stealing of any information or money since we are working in this sphere.

In detail, all the transactions on our site are secured with applying of technical and software basis. All credit cards are secured with our own secured server with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. This is one of the most popular ways to keep the information far from theft among all online entities. With help of such encryption, we can provide an access to your personal info and credit card only for you, us, and the processing bank. Anyone else cannot get unencrypted information. Such secure system is common for the most part of Internet browsers. Personal information is kept secured on the all stages while being transferred over the World Wide Web. Not only a credit card is secured, but also all personal information you specify while buying credits on our site.

SSL encryption is used on the most usable services, such as Yahoo, eBay and Amazon, where the procedure of purchasing is the same (these sites have an access to your credit card). Thereby, SSL is the most common and reliable type of encryption used on the Internet sites. Of course, it is not totally unbreakable. Nowadays, you can hack anything being used in the Web with help of certain tools and techniques. But if you want to be secured from stealing for 100%, don’t use your credit card at all. Did you know that probability of theft in ATM is much higher than in the Web? Concerning the amount of money you can spend on our site per one operation and the cost of that tools for stealing, it is one of the safest operations.

Another guarantee is that we never keep your credit card information on our server as well as CVV data (according to VISA and MasterCard systems regulations). So, in such case, in what way your credit card number can be used without CCV code and PIN number? Your credit card information will be kept only on our internal databases, without an Internet connection in order to assist you in some problem cases or refunding requests. We never use your credit card without your authorization. We will never require you to pay any fees or charges.

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